Becoming Self-Sufficient is more than just a way of life. It's an every day challenge and journey. It can strengthen the mind, body and soul. There are many great lessons in trying to pursue being Self-Sufficient, and each lesson has a great meaning.

Self-Sufficient can be defined as: the ability to supply one's own resources and cover basic needs without external assistance. We will try to discuss what we believe to be the three most important topics of being Self-Sufficient. We will also discuss areas that might be more luxurious and also very helpful in a Self-Sufficient scenario.

Why? Imagine, a financial economic collapse. No more transporting of water or food. What would you do? Consider how drastically your life will change.

How? It all starts with taking action. Once you start, converting your financial value into real commodity and tangible items, you are beginnig to take control.

Benefits? The benefits out weigh the cons by a large margin. Instead of feeding the economic system which loses value instantly, you are positioning yourself towards a more secure lifestyle. You will have items that can help you live and survive, which is priceless.

Impact? There will be a vary large impact once this trend trickles out and people are left with no other option. Not everyone's Self-Sufficient plan will be the same. Some people will focus on some commodities more than others. When each person does their part, and finds their motivating factor, people will begin to feel more pride and satisfaction in how their lives are spent, day in and day out.

Future? The future... Consider, the next generation, not even ours. If we were born into an Economic Generation, perhaps the next can be born into a Self-Sufficient Generation.

We personally are NOT Self-Sufficient at this time. It is merely a thought and dream at this moment, but we are beginning to try to prepare and gather to the best of our abilities.

Thank you for taking the time to consider the aspects we have chosen to focus on. We hope it is a benefit for everyone.