After all other aspects of being Self-Sufficient have been covered, there are further luxuries, tools and resources to help enjoy being Self-Sufficient, that much more. Some things that come to mind are Electricity, Hunting Supplies, Musical Instruments, or further equipment such as Smoke Shed's, Dehydrators, etc.

Once you have gathered all the supplies that suit your living style, it is recommended to have back ups of everything you just set up and purchased. The reason for this is in case any damages occur, you lose something, or you are now able and ready to expand to provide for more.

We also need to consider if something were to happen in our current location and we have to leave immediately. We will want to have portable items to bring while on the move. Having or understanding a Military Survival Guide, Edible Wild Plants (in your region) and various pieces of information, will help protect you.

When hunting, we will want to consider our best options. Guns are strong and accurate. However, they break down over time, and if you don't know how to fix them, they will become useless. As well, ammunition. The price of ammunition is going to sky rocket, AND, there is only so much ammunition. Once a bullet is fired, it is no longer usable. Bows & Arrows will be a more sufficient choice. If you learn how to make your own bow and string it, as well make your own arrows, you can have a great hunting tool anywhere at all times. Being able to fish is another great option. You can make your own net's or fishing rods in order to catch fish, all year round with the right resources. Knowing how to snare for rabbits, squirrels and others will provide an extra food source. It is best to be diverse, as we can't eat just one food source day after day. We would not get the required nutrients and eventually get sick.