We would like to focus on the important intakes in order for the mind and body to operate. Fat's, proteins, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Chickens, rabbits and goats, are all very potential animals to breed and gain from. Each have their own qualities and perks, and through appropriate planning and resources, a more natural environment can be provided for all.

Growing your own crop can be very important too. We will focus on some crops more than others, and reasons will be provided. In order to grow food, we will need land, soil, a greenhouse, water, seeds, and more just to get started.

Bee hives may be highly beneficial as well. Especially while they are on the decline.

While hunting and gathering from the land, the wild game options will be Rabbits, Squirrels, Deer, Moose, Bear, and others depending on your location. We want to be well informed on the appropriate methods of hunting, tracking, cleaning and storing/preserving once you have caught your food source.